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Real sea monsters

January 9, 2013

Reconstruction of the jaws of giant fossil shark Megalodon

Mermaids, kraken, sea serpents… they’re the kind of animals you WISH existed. That’s why I was so excited this week to read about new film footage of the ‘real kraken’ – the giant squid. It’s hardly ever seen alive because it lives at such great depths, and animals found near the surface are usually dead or dying. So we don’t know much about how they live. But now we know they really do look frighteningly like a kraken on film!

Japanese scientists filmed the squid deep in the Pacific, around 1000km south of Tokyo. As well as the video footage, there are also some amazing stills – it appears to have a silvery sheen, and was charmingly described by scientists Tsunemi Kubodera (clearly a squid super-fan) as ‘shining and so beautiful’ – aww!

Giant squid are the real deal – you can’t get much closer to a true sea ‘monster’ than an enormous, mysterious giant squid that has hardly ever been seen alive. But there are others that aren’t so well-known – including some that are hilariously unlike their mythical counterparts. (more…)