‘Mad scientist’ Tom wins The Apprentice

Tom’s won it! As Dara O’Briain said, ‘it’s a win for the nerds!!’ – and for nice guys too. Let’s hope this engineer proves Lord Sugar wrong and does turn out to be a success in business. They’re going to be creating some sort of back-building chair together (perhaps combined with nail file – watch this space).

Once again Tom had to cope with some tired stereotypes. One of the interviewers described him as a ‘mad scientist’ – I didn’t realise square glasses were the only qualification you needed for that. But he kept his cool, although his business plan did sound like it needed some science communications finesse. There wasn’t much plain English going on here – apparently the word ‘chair’ was conspicuous by its absence. Perhaps he called it a ‘gravitational stress reducing device’ or something equally snappy.

Despite some bumps in the road (he was usually on the losing team) he was a good role model for the nerds – intelligent, creative, polite and sensible. This series of The Apprentice billed itself as being all about ideas for business – so inventor Tom really deserved his win. As he said himself, ‘I think this result shows that nice guys come first.’

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