Reasons to be cheerful – a Disney chameleon!

January is a pretty depressing month, but I’ve found at least one ray of sunshine. Disney’s new movie Tangled has, in the role of cute animal sidekick, a chameleon. And he’s called Pascal! Watch the video and see if you can resist him…

Chameleons are up there with some of the weirdest and most adorable animals – which makes me wonder why Disney never thought of this before. We’ve had cute robots in Wall-E, a cute crab in The Little Mermaid, and even a cute firefly in The Princess and the Frog.

Pascal seems quite fast and feisty compared to real chameleons – I think a big part of their charm is their worried expression and the way they often move as if they’re very old and infirm. And their crazy turret-mounted eyes, swivelling around in different directions, also give them an endearingly nervous look.

By steffen (fRedi); andreas (andi.vs.zf) (originally posted to Flickr as the modern pet) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

By steffen (fRedi); andreas (andi.vs.zf) (originally posted to Flickr as the modern pet)

But can chameleons growl like Pascal? Or is this a special Disney characteristic? Judging by posts on, this isn’t normal. Pascal might even have a respiratory infection if he was doing this in real life. But every Disney sidekick needs a voice, and it’s great to see these lovely little reptiles getting some fame!


4 Responses to “Reasons to be cheerful – a Disney chameleon!”

  1. Tiny chameleons are big news « The Science Bit Says:

    […] no secret that I adore chameleons. They look like toys designed to appeal to children who love animals – colourful, […]

  2. A. Roelofsen Says:

    This red chameleon is wonderful!
    I have to do a presentation about dementia. Is it possible that I use this photo to explain the tasks of a casemanager dementia.
    That is the one that colours with the person that has dementia and his family . That will give my presentation much more colour!!

  3. Chris Says:

    I also would like to know if I can use the photo. I want to make a list of all the chams (mostly bright colored chams) in a wordpress blog like yours. Thanks 🙂

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